Nathan Levy, author of the 'Stories With Holes' series, has over forty years experience as a teacher, principal, author and educational consultant. Nathan has spoken extensively nationally and internationally to educators, parents and children on how to improve creativity, thinking and spontaneity in adults and children. Nathan is a Past President of New Jersey Association for Gifted Children and was the coordinator of Gifted Education and Supervisor of Elementary Education and School Principal for twenty seven years in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. He has written fifty books that are used in programs all over the world.

Nathan's workshop topic is 'Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Learning of Gifted Students'. This workshop, by noted Stories With Holes author Nathan Levy, explores numerous, proven ways to reach gifted learners in challenging ways.  Participants will leave with a variety of new strategies and specific ideas to help pupils become better creative and critical thinkers.  A variety of successful teaching and parenting techniques relating to social and emotional needs will be shared. Bring your thinking caps and your funny bones to this dynamic presentation. 

Nathan Levy

Teacher, principal, author and educational consultant

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