Linda Peck, M.Ed. combines an eclectic background in Mime, Theatre, Asian practices and Mind-Body research along with twenty years of practical experience in Organizational Development ,Consulting, University Lecturing and Private Practice. In her seminars ,Linda brings a refreshing, innovative approach to non-verbal communication in human interaction, person perception and effective impression that enhances our understanding of what we and the people we work with are saying without speaking.

Her workshop topic is 'What's That Supposed to Mean?. 'From emoji's to body language, the way we communicate indicates how well we observe, interpret, and respond to messages that we give and receive. In Linda's workshop participants will examine speech patterns and how they match our body messages. We will look specifically at our faces and how/what they can give away as we are feeling thinking. When we are distressed we have anxiety and often we manifest it this in ways that are confusing We will explore through exercises how our faces express recall and cognitive messages. Participants will have aha moments about the way they express themselves and interpret how others express themselves.

Linda Peck, M.Ed

University Faculty and Wellness Education Consultant

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