Jay runs Playful Engineers, a small STEAM-based arts-in-education company. He leads hands-on building workshops, residencies, and large community events in which participants build chain reactions and creative contraptions including Rube Goldberg Machines, from his extensive 'Traveling MakerSpace' materials collection. Jay is a traveling maker, a maker space consultant, and a lifelong learner, as well as being the dad of a twice exceptional child.

His workshop topic is 'Chain Reactions & Creative Contraptions'. Come build a Rube Goldberg Machine - a complicated way to accomplish a simple task. Using materials from Jay's Traveling Maker Space, you'll build a complex chain reaction from simple parts, applying everyday principles of force and motion. Whether you consider yourself an engineer or a klutz, you'll make progress by failing, as much as you will by succeeding, and you may yet find yourself turning your home, classroom, or workplace into a maker-space that moves! 

Jay Mankita

Teaching Artist, Playful Engineers

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