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Parenting gifted, talented, and high-potential children offers its own set of joys and challenges. 

CAG supports parents to meet their children's needs with resources and programs related to academic challenge, enrichment, advocacy, and social-emotional development.

What is Giftedness?

Is My Child Gifted? Common Characteristics and Traits 



Learn about the laws and policies for Gifted Education in Connecticut Public Schools


Join us at CAG's signature enrichment event for children and parents

Connect with other families online and at special events (membership benefit)

Personalized enrichment at your fingertips (membership benefit)

Resources from the National Association for Gifted Children

Supporting fast learners

Communicating with educators about your child’s strengths and needs

A directory of experts for complex challenges

Learn, share resources, build community

An introduction to Dabrowski's theory from the Davidson Institute

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